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Cursed Thistle

Halbi Name cursed-thistle-1
Main Photo of The Weed
Vernacular name Savi
Scientific name Circium arvense L.
Family Asteraceae
Season Rabi
Leaves The leaves are very spiny, lobed, up to 15-20 cm long and 2-3 cm broad (smaller on the upper part of the flower stem). Photo Gallery
Flower cursed-thistle-2cursed-thistle-3
Fruit/ seed The seeds are 4-5 mm long, with a feathery pappus which assists in wind dispersal. The plant also spreads underground using rhizomes.
Habitat and distribution Dry land areas
Flowering and fruiting September - March
Associated with Dry land flora
Habit A herbaceous perennial plant growing 30-100 cm, forming extensive clonal colonies from an underground root system. Stems - green smooth and glabrous (having no Trichome or glaucousness), mostly without spiny wings.
Inflorescence The inflorescence is 10-22 mm diameter, pink-purple, with all the florets of similar form (no division into disc and ray florets). The flowers are usually dioecious, but not invariably so, with some plants bearing hermaphrodite flowers.

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