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Common vetch, spring vetch, garden vetch, tare

Halbi Name common-vetch-spring-vetch-garden-vetch-tare-2
Main Photo of The Weed
Vernacular name Junglai khesari, rakhad
Scientific name Vicia sativa ssp. cordata (Hoppe) Asch. & Graebn.
Family Leguminaceae
Season Rabi
Leaves Leaves compound pinnate with 3-8 pairs of opposite leaflets and 2-3 terminal tendrils. Leaflets narrowly oblong, square at the apex and with a small projecting mid rib. Stipules small and divided. Photo Gallery
Flower common-vetch-spring-vetch-garden-vetch-tarecommon-vetch-spring-vetch-garden-vetch-tare-3
Fruit/ seed Seed pods contain 4-12 round but flattened seeds, mainly black to greyish in colour
Habitat and distribution Crop field
Flowering and fruiting February- March
Associated with Rabi crops
Habit Pubescent annual with scrambling and climbing growth habit. Stems arising from the base are hollow, squarish in cross-section and up to 2 m tall. Slender taproot system with numerous lateral branches
Inflorescence Inflorescences borne singly or in pairs on short peduncles arising at the base of the leaves, mainly blue to purple but sometimes white and self-fertilized.

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